In These Streets

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Street Life

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rap - Gangsta, Rap - Gangsta
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Crime, Theft Similar Artists TI, Fetty Wap
Language English Era 2000 and later


In These Streets

I live each day in these streets
That shits a struggle my man
In these streets everyday

I live each day in these streets
That shits a struggle my man
Got all up on my grind and got the world in my hand

(1st Verse)
I live each day in these streets that shits a struggle my man
Got all up on my grind and got the world in my hand
But wit mo money come mo problems there go that sayin again
Ask any nigga that got it shit he'll tell you my friend
Watch out for your pockets what you stick yo dick all up in
Dude these streets out here will test you keep you strap in yo hand
Don't be scared to pull the trigga better remember my last shit
(Keep it on you my nigga) Don't get caught holding yo dick
While you out there getting it keep one eye on these hoes
first they blowin on yo weed and then yo brain thru yo nose
Remember I told you (watch yo pockets) look now there go yo clothes
Runnin down now look there you go you chasin them hoes
First you strugglin to get yo cheese then you hard on the grind
That's the way we gotta do it just to really survive
Keep yo eyes on that money and yo mind on that prize
I'm not preachin I'm just teachin cause that street shit is real!


(2nd Verse)
My intentions comin up was take it straight to the top
Cop them Os grabbed them corners cuz and set up shop
The Carolina had 'em comin from about twelve blocks
Sellin 16th and quarters cuz I stopped selling rocks
Got them 9 millimeters now I'm just sittin back
Got them dubs and hoes but watchin out for the jack
Peeped a corner grabbed a spot and put together a clan
I'm sellin weight like a mother man it's time to expand
Peeped out another hood where I cold made a knot
I'm movin boatloads and deals cold took ova they spot
Park the truck and kept the bucket cause I keeps it low key
I keep it floatin smokin potent staying high as a tree
Big truck big rims man fo sho with that knock
Fo twelves in the back and I'm beatin up the block
I got my hood on fat plus my click collectin duckets
Park the truck and still pushin shit strait out the bucket

Lyrics Lydell Davis aka Mr. Nex Music Gregory PIere
Producer Gregory Piere
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