They Callin

Song Length 3:58 Genre Rap - Gangsta, Rap - Dirty South
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists 50 Cent, Yo Gotti Language English
Era 2000 and later


We ride, we
We go real
My blocks callin me
(We ain't fucking with them suckas)
We ride, we stunt
We go real dumb
My blocks callin me where I'm from
They callin, they callin
(We ain't fucking with them suckas)

(1st verse)
Man they callin your boy to come back to the streets
They got me feeling myself, 'cause I'm killin this beat
They say they miss me in the streets, 'cause your boy had them cookies
You could find me on the block, (I'm all the way in the boogie)
If you don't know my block, oh you can find me on the east,
It's Mr. Nex on this track (that nigga from Camden street)
But some know me by my girl, but that some shit they don't repeat
Cause I spit this game shit, (cuz frequently)
They say it's easy for me because yo boy loves to eat.
They say I'm next to have a deal 'cause I'm heat in the streets
Lil' hommie peep this (hell yeah)
Got they weakness, got them starving like kids, cause they gotta eat this
Oh this shit is a hit, so they gonna cop this,
Man they runnin off at the mouth, knowing they betta not say shit
Send they crying ass home back down like they bitch 'cause I'm getting hostile
Man I gotta cheat this

(2nd Verse)
Man these streets keep calling cause they know what I got
For sho that one hitter quitter sent them straight to the top
Now my hommies out here beefin, and I'm the one with the heat.
Oh you don't understand, they used to get it from me
I had my enemies so scared that they were breaking they lease
Now you see why they be calling me back to the streets
My tools were Remington, Smith and Wesson
So you know I roll deep, like know even (then they use to get it from me)
They use to try and say your boy was out here trippin and shit
Cause I stayed on the block and never slippin and shit
Yeah I was mean so you know your boy was clean with his shit
Had a nigga on my team that kept me flooded with bricks
So you know I keeps it flowing cause I handles my shit
My nigga fuck what they saying cuz, we tryin to get rich
But if they ever tried to play us they get left in the ditch bitch real shit


Lyrics Lydell Davis Music Gregory Piere
Producer Gregory Piere Publisher Gregory Piere
Performance Lydell Davis Label Gregory Piere
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