I'll Be There

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Rock


I'll Be There
Words and Music by Ginger Reyes/ Ginger Sling Music

They want you
They want you not
it's a game
They can't lose
And you can't play
Your heart sinks
Like submarines in black seas
You don't know where or who to be
With your hands in the air
You surrender to all your fears
You waved the flag
You've given up
You can't believe
It's all too much

I'll be there to keep you warm
and show you light in paths of darkness
I'll be there to hold your hand and be your friend
And this I promise
I won't let you down

Half empty
You're drowning in despair
Trying to hold on but you don't know where

With your hands in the air
You feel trapped and caught in the snare
of letting go and giving up
You can't believe
it's all too much


Everything's wrong
there's no solution
No clarity
only confusion in your mind
and soon you'll realize


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