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We are distracted by the world and ourselves, but someday we will recede like the water on the shore and the truth will be revealed.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Pop - Rock


Hey you look at me
what do you want to be
do you want to settle down
do you want to be set free
do you really believe
that you're above these things
that you could never let
yourself feel like a human being
maybe soon you'll understand
when you see the bigger plan

In a while
we will see
in a while
we'll recede

jaded but confident
you are your own best friend
we're not all innocent
reasons are freudian
your back up against the wall
she rise ten feet tall
pray for a miracle
that you might believe

In a while
we will see
in a while
we'll recede

Lyrics Ginger Reyes Music Ginger Reyes
Producer Ethan Luck Publisher Ginger Music ASCAP
Performance Ginger Reyes, Ethan Luck
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