Eddie and Freddy

Song Length 1:06 Genre Unique - Children


(Verse 1)
Little Eddie and big Freddy
like to break their toys.
Never care that mom and daddy
have to stand their noise.
In the schoolroom, in the playroom,
always out of poise.
Around their neighbourhood
they?re known as very clumsy boys.

(Verse 2)
Little Eddie?n brother Freddy
like to play with sound.
Doggy rumble, catty grumble,
screaming up and down.
Trumpet humming, crazy drumming,
fooling all around.
Everybody hides away
whenever they come into town.

(Verse 3)
Little Eddie?n brother Freddy
like to play the vile.
Noisy boys with crumbly toys
are just a little rile.
Qutie couple, always supple,
clumsy in their style.
Little Eddie?n brother Freddy,
they just want to make us smile!

Lyrics Eugenio Lopes Music Eugenio Lopes
Producer Eugenio Lopes Publisher Eugenio Lopes
Performance Eugenio Lopes
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