We create the earth

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Oh - the story is a few millions of years long. I dont want to write it down here..

Song Length 4:22 Genre Electronic - General, Unique - Unclassified
Era 2000 and later


There was a planet
far away in another galaxy
they had no diferent ways to live
as we just do
long time ago
they had the same problems and the same shadows
natural be didnt live free and peaceful
the leaders of the planet had a high technology
annunaki was the name of this first class race

keeping the souls of many catched rebels in their spaceships
they fly trough the univers to search for a new planet
after a long mission they found a planet and stoped
not to live there
to get the raw material of this star
so they spend a name to this planet

in cause the annunaki need some workers they created a new race
called humans
the mission was leaded by en.ki and en.lil
two lords of the annunaki
en.lil wants to destroy the human bes after the slave work is done
en.ki was a lovely be
he spend knowledge and wisdom to the mankind
so the annunaki leaders starts to play the game
the game called mission earth

and the humans pray to en.lil
cause they think he brings the paradise
but he is the badly guy from outer space
en.ki will save the human race
this is the dream of freedom

oh come to the light
and feel your soul
change your mind and loose your space
learn to know
search for wisdom
for to be a peaceful race
I'll bring you love
I'll bring you freedom

We create the earth
we create the human be
we create the earth
we create all things you'll see

(c)1997-2009 by Garibaldi and GeMa-freelabel.

good production, good choice of sounds. At first the song took me to a jungle, but when melody started all change and took me to a japanese geisha dance. Like the polyrhithms used, and melody is easy to memorize.

Very lovely arrangement exuding bliss and happiness, light and joy. A pleasure to take the trip with you.

enjoyed this tune

Very good!

Nice background theme music; appreciate how the layers build

excellent film/tv music - not alt pop though. very easy to listen to.

Lyrics Aremi Legard Music Aremi Legard
Producer Aremi Legard Publisher Gerald Maier
Performance Aremi Legard Label GeMa-freelabel

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