Something Part 1 instrumental

Song Length 4:14 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Instrumental
Era 2000 and later

Nice warm pads sets a comforting mood from the top. Good programming of the drums, feels real. I like how the melody resolves back to the theme from the B Section. good capture on the 6/8 (or 12/8 it is kind of a 4 count) feel. Digging the piano solo, interesting sound, pretty pads in the background. Very nice counter point and contrast in this song, everything makes good sense to me... then came the oboes and/or flutes (English Horn) in the end... nice touch. Feels like this song has many hooks... in the drums, synth lines and bass. The straight either notes in the synth against the triplet groove section is beautiful, it really turned out well (2:40 and 3:35). Mixed in very well it provided a fantastic contrast.

Track suited for Local Cable Broadcast advertisements or "The Weather Channel"

Music Aremi Legard Producer Aremi Legard
Publisher Gerald Maier Performance Aremi Legard
Label GeMa freelabel

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