Save Me

Story Behind The Song

A lady walking down the street gave me a smile, we connected for a brief moment in time and that moment brightened my day so I wrote a song about her smile and how she saved me, a simple smile and I then had a perfect day. I was saved....

Song Description

A simple smile can change your day. It can Save You.....This song features Sonja on vocal.

Song Length 4:30 Genre Pop - Rock, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Glad Subject Happiness, Encouragement
Language English Era 2000 and later


I travel down the road that binds me
Visions in my head they guide me
The long dark nights they come and go
The days - there so slow
The road seems longer than before
Each step I take there?s so much more
Your smile

It saved me Yea Yea
You saved me Yea Yea
You saved me Yea yea

But when the darker side of light starts creeping in
I look at you , Your friendly grin
You let me in

You saved me Yea yea

You know what I want to do
Is spend more time next to you
A burst of light comes shining through
A thunder clap it shines on you
You give me hope instead of pain
You give me sun instead of rain
I?m now stronger than before
The road is shorter not much more

Because you saved me Yea yea
You saved me Yea yea

Lyrics Barry Gale Music Barry Gale
Producer Barry Gale Publisher Barry Gale

Save Me

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