Fokissed - You Must Be Mistaken

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rap - Hip Hop


[Hook 2x]
I ain't 50 cent, I ain't D O double G,
I'm not LL, I'm not chicky chicky Slim Shady,
Listen up, cuz my name is Fokissed,
Anybody else you hurr, you must be mistaken.

[Verse 1]
I never thought I'd do a song about the fact that I'm white,
People said it was unavoidable, guess what, they were right,
I never really get mad, but i get frustrated though,
When i get compared to every rapper on the radio,
Some say I sound like 50 when i rap sometimes,
I ain't never been a gangsta, been shot no times,
You need to clean out your ears, if you think I'm G Unit,
Or you j-j-j-j-just stupid,
And next is S N double O P, D O double G,
I need you to bizzle, dizzle, fizzle, follow me,
I'm from the east coast, and I'm tall and thin too,
I'm off the hizzle for shizzle, but I'm not Snoop,
Next is LL cuz my flow is smooth,
The ladies love me, and my style is cool,
I'ma tell you why you think I sound like LL,
Cuz i'm doin it and doin it and doin it well.

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
Now this one hurts the most cuz I used to like Em,
But now it's getting so old, I'm starting to not like him,
I ain't never said a curse word in one of my rhymes,
And our concept's been the same exactly zero times,
So how could you possible say that we sound a like?,
Just because I'm white and I got skills with a mic?,
My mom might be crazy, but she's not psychotic,
I might be high off of life, but not off of narcotics,
Is it because I pronounce my words so clearly,
So everybody in my audience can hear me,
He opened many doors, but then closed them behind him,
He paved the way, but now there's too many that try to mime him,
But it isn't my fault that every white boy raps,
After leaving the theater seeing 8 Mile with his paps,
So don't take it out on me, I would have been here regardless,
i mean listen to my flow and my rhythm, it's so flawless,
I see the world through blue eyes, but their not Marshall Mathers',
i can't help if you continue to compare me to these rappers,
Cuz, I don't know, it's just the way i am,
Em, I still love you, yours truely, Stan.

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