Story Behind The Song

I just wanted to see if I could open some eyes(minds) on what I hear some people talking about that APPEAR to not grasp the concept. This is only from MY perspective so, take it with a grain of salt...

Song Length 3:50 Genre Rap - Religious, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed Subject Judgement, Spirituality
Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1):
"Real vs. Fake"
Every day we are faced with tests but we all have what it takes
In order to pass I'ma help you grasp what is real vs. what is fake
So many rappers out there bang while they're glorifying a gang
When they should really be trying to change instead of doing the same
You think it is real to brag about money, drugs, guns, cars, clothes, and clout
Realness comes from within even with that surplus you're without
Will you conform to the community or will you believe that there is better?
All that cheese you're making is fake because God has the real cheddar
Society's standards can drive you ballistic
Some are so fake that if you rely on them you'll remain a real statistic
Always strive to better yourself no matter your level of contentment
Because disdain for His name will cause you to remain in pain if you don't attempt it.
Will you step out of the mainstream circus of tomfoolery?
The realest verses are from the Bible, everything else is illusory.
You think you're real when you say you'll die for your homies 'cause you want respect from them.
Well, stop faking because Jesus did that and you see the respect they give him.

(Hook 2X):

(Good vs. evil...God vs. Satan...heaven vs. hell...Love vs. hatin.
Angels vs. demons...Saints vs. heathens...
The Word vs. everything non-believers believe in).

(Verse 2):
"Truth vs. Lies"
Every day we are faced with tests and sometimes if we close our eyes
it's the best way to discern what is true vs. what is a lie.
The Lord our God is the truth and Jesus Christ is the way
So don't let some deceitful serpent tell you something else is okay.
You can pray sincerely and your sins will be forgiven
But that doesn't mean it's cool to continue with the way you're living.
If you're not honest with yourself, you'll lie to everyone you meet
And, you're never going to be real because the true you, is obsolete.
Remain humble. Never become ruled by pride
Because the truth is if you say you did it yourself you lied
People will lie to you. Your ego, they'll overfeed.
God shares his heart even when yours is filled with greed.
It's a lie that God isn't listening! It's a lie that God doesn't care!
The truth is that God is earth, fire, water, and air!
He was, is, and will be what you have and haven't seen
He'll be true from beginning to end while we all just lie in between!

(Verse 3):

"Flesh vs. Spirit"
Every day we are faced with tests and whether you feel, see, or hear it
We are all blessed with the ability to separate the flesh from the spirit.
There's an internal marathon and the spirit will always win
Flesh is far behind in this race because it has yet to begin.
Set your mind on things above not on the things of the earth
Because your spirit is priceless to God and your flesh has no worth
Those who are in the flesh cannot please God that is the bottom line
It's hard for the spirit to enter the heart of one with a carnal mind.
What feels so good to the flesh is equally painful to the soul
It's the safe haven of the spirit vs. the illusion of flesh's control
Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh
Even though temptations may be great salvation is the best.
Flesh will cause you to descend into the chambers of death.
While the spirit speaks of seeking the Savior with every single breath
It's flesh vs. spirit, but before the battle I need to mention
That the spirit is of God, so, anything vs. Him is no competition.

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