Time's Up

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to get back into my old style and let people know that I can still do it if I want to.

Song Description

Just letting people know they better count their days while in the industry.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1, Flava Hype):

I got issues I need to get off my chest.
When I begin, I won't stop 'til your body is at rest.
Why in the hell would you underestimate a nigga, man?
Auto tune my fists and hit you with T-Pain!
Better call yo posse. Better call yo clique.
Better call your crew because you're in deep shit!
Tryin to run up on a nigga, I already told ya,
the only thing you're runnin is your damn dick holder.
Do I need to slow it down so you can think?
Are you long and hard? Are you soft and pink?
Do you wear the pants? Do you wear a dress?
Once a month, do you make a bloody mess?
I'm a time bomb ready to detonate.
When I go off, the blast is gonna shatter your chest plate.
Don't trip the wire! Don't shake the floor!
I'm more devastating than a block of C-4.
BOOM...what you hear when I walk in
with an aluminum bat before I crack your shin.
All my niggas get it done without practicin
making sure that you are never coming back again.
This is real, homeboy, we ain't actin.
Strong in the area that you are lackin.
Trying to be hard but everybody know you flaccid
with rigamortis you are hard in a casket.
Packin a big gun can cause havoc.
It ain't shit if your ass ain't accurate.
M-16 when I blast, kid, 5.56 on that ass quick!
Get hot, blow a nigga like a gasket
then, I melt a mothafucka like plastic!
Try to describe this nigga with an adjective,
I'm 4 levels above fantastic! [Now that's time]!

(Hook 2X):
(Why you runnin yo mouth? Your time's up!
You need to clock out! Your time's up!
You're over with and done, son!
I hope your reign was fun, but,
Now we up in it, we don't need but a minute
to tear down your foundation.
You had your chance, you sat on your ass.
Your time's up now, face it)!

(Verse 2, K-Rain):

It's K-Rain, a storm on the track.
I'm the bullet in your stomach and the thorn in your back.
You never thought that I would be the one to attack
'Til you see me in a hoodie with a baseball bat.
When you hear that sound, splish splash!
I'm shaking up the industry...whiplash!
You duckin and tryin to hide and shit,
this beat is like a dick, 'cause I'm ridin it.
Grind it to get a little mo' gritty!
Time for me to get a little mo' shitty!
Your rhymin sucks, and I'm feelin no pity.
This lion fucks up your 'hello kitty.'
Witty am I, I get in your eye
and I'm all that you will be seeing.
You should be fearing the lyrical miracle,
I would advise you to be fleeing.
I assumed that you would underestimate.
Flava said, "Go get 'em. Don't hesitate."
Caught up in this Rainstorm has sealed your fate.
The first Raindrop told you that it was too late.
You trying to battle me? Chick, stop!
I'm wearing you out like a flip-flop.
'Cause it's not a challenge, I'll be through
with you as quick as a pit stop!
I'm hip hop's Amelia E. 99 reasons to fly with me.
My booger sugar flow will make you OD.
Shakin and twitchin like you was a fiend.
Now, you know the effects that I have
with what I create when I'm up in the lab.
Your time is up. You ain't getting it back!
I pushed the button on the chronograph! [Now that's time]!

(Verse 3, Flava Hype):

Ready to do it? Let's get it crack-a-lackin on the track.
If you wanna take it to the streets, meet me out back.
I'm a mothafuckin maniac and mastermind.
From the moment I saw you, I knew that ass was mine.
You won't need to ask, you already know who done it.
I charge like the Spartans did in 300!
I ain't sippin liquor, nigga, this is battery acid.
When a mothafucka run up, you know that I let 'em have it!
Keep it 100, don't be runnin from it
show me that you want it, I won't feed you bologna.
Understand me 'cause I'm telling the truth.
Name another nigga that can handle me in the booth.
Showing you what I go and do when I'm supposed to stomp a hole in you.
You'll be abused, don't be the fool to ignite the fumes of this diesel fuel! [Now that's time]!

Lyrics Flava Hype Music Sinima Beats
Performance Flava Hype & K-Rain
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