The Fighter

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to put myself in the mindset of a fighter and portray that type of mentality to the listeners and hopefully, accurately express a fraction of the culture of fighting.

Song Description

A fighter's perspective of the process of preparing for challengers and challenges that come with and before stepping into the boxing ring to fight.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tense, Anxious Subject Determination, Courage
Similar Artists Ludacris, Eminem Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Fighter
Waking up thinking I'ma do whatever it takes for me to get through this
'Cause if my opponent really thinks he can beat me, that nigga's gon' have to prove it.
Been training like this way before we were scheduled to fight
Wake up with drive in the morning and go to sleep with focus at night.
Got a team of strong believers who believe that I can beat him
If I even think of slackin off, I'll leave 'em 'fore I cheat 'em.
I eat, drink and sleep this. How in the hell is he ever gonna beat this?
I've fine-tuned my style and condition to show no weakness.
Can't stand the thought of someone being better by outworking me
My heart and will won't allow me to lose and that's a certainty.
Defense, speed, accuracy, agility
And the power that when I connect I will know that he's feelin me.
Gotta put all these components together for that one moment
when I'm treading around the ring, while I'm drowning my opponent.
He's a human and I'm a human but that night I'ma be a beast
And I'm gonna show him the monstrous appetite I have when it's time to feast

(Hook 2X):
(Whether it's battling demons or whether it's battling he-men
I'm gonna be fighting and thriving without any signs of weakening.
And I will be going the distance 'cause no one can match my persistence
And I'm gonna be eating off the winner's plate because victory is so delicious)

It's finally here, fight-night, now is the time for me to go prove
That I've been working on a winning plan because I don't plan to lose.
So hard I have been working to make sure victory's certain
I will parry all of his points and counter with my conversions.
I've studied my opponent. I know what he tries to do
But I don't make the same mistakes my counterparts are prone to.
No matter how much he tries to hide I see the fear in his eyes
He's used to eating victory steaks, all I'm serving is humble pie.
I'm anxious for the bell to ring so we can start the action
And to know that he's opposing me is a major infraction.
This is the sweetest of the sweet, science of all science
And he is standing in my way of becoming the greatest of all time.
Now it's mano y mano, time to get 'em up
We're feeling each other out, 12 rounds is more than enough
To bring him to his destruction and to expose his combustion
My victory he ain't touchin, my fists ain't swingin for nothing


Well I'll be damned!
This battle is harder than I expected
Anticipating his preparation is something that I neglected.
I was proud. I was vain. I was too arrogant and cocky.
And he is calculating, precise and patient, that's how he rocked me.
The measure of a champion is how they handle adversity
Up until now I didn't think he hardly had enough to hurt me.
My gameplan isn't working, I'm gonna have to adjust fire
I just got knocked down on my ass trying to figure out what transpired.
My ego is shook and I can't let my opponent know
There's a bad taste in my mouth and I think it's from eating crow.
His confidence is swelling and mine is starting to diminish
I am hurting like hell but I definitely will not grimace.
I'm digging deeper than ever into the depths of my will
I won't stop until I'm the victor or my heart is at a standstill.
It's now or never, never later. Later I might not have a chance
To control what the future holds which is victory in my hands!


good song, like how u did it from a fighter stand point, like the beat

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Producer Sinima Beats Performance Flava Hype
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