Send Me To My Grave

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to pose questions I have heard throughout my life about existence and the afterlife.

Song Description

Most of this song is me asking questions to God and wanting answers about death

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rap - General, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Existence, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1):

As I awaken I'm always shaken by the thought that I might
either by fate or by mistake meet death tonight.
Is death a person that everyone must meet in their lives?
Or, is death an event from which we can't run or hide?
Hmm...I wish I could find out.
But, then again, it's not meant for me to know.
Because if I did, I'd try to avoid it when it's time for me to go.
We're not supposed to know, we have to take it slow and not worry,
but you can find out, living that fast life, death will come in a hurry.
I fear death. If I said I didn't, that would be a lie.
See, everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.
Does everyone ascend to heaven, is the question I'm asking.
When we lay down for the eternal sleep tell me what really happens.
Is it reincarnation? Is it heaven or hell?
Is it eternal peace or the place where burning flesh is the smell?
I need the answer to these questions, God, and also, many more.
So, when we die, would you please tell me, what do you have in store?
When you send me...

(Send me to my grave.
Send me to my grave. Yes, yes.
I've got a big mean woman)

(All night. And all day.
Keep on coming. Yes, yes).

(Verse 2):

Does death come in the form of a woman or is death a man?
Does death come in the form of a weapon or does death come by hand?
When we close our eyes to die do we see darkness or light?
Do we bury our souls with the body or do our souls take flight?
Do our spirits only use a human body as a host?
Or, can any organism in this world be home to a holy ghost?
Did we live a life before now? And, will we live again?
Or, could it be that when we die this time, this will really be the end.
When you send me...

(Verse 3):

You can never evade death no matter how much you try to shake it.
So, when you see the grim reaper, you know it's time to meet your maker.
Whether he comes from up above or whether he comes from below
just accept it with open arms because we all have to go.
See, you can try to fight death, but you know it's too strong.
It's not that life is too short, it's just that you're dead for so long.
Fear of the unknown...we're all afraid of what's to come.
We think when our body dies, we're dead, but the life for our soul has just begun.
I wish I had control of what is and what's to be,
if it was up to me we'd all live for all eternity.
Then again, maybe not, I heard heaven's a better place
but the only way to get there...stand up to the fear of seeing deaths face.
No one gets to live forever, or at least, not physically.
We can all outlive our human body through someone's memories.
When I lay down for my final rest..when I take my final breath
will it mean that I've passed my final test to find out if there's life after death.
Before you send me...

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