Story Behind The Song

Wanted to speak on the issues.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Race/Ethnicity
Language English Era 2000 and later


I don't even know how to start this/
Don't want to believe every police officer is heartless.
Don't want to believe every "Karen" is racist
Don't want to believe the right wing is going to hate this.
But some things just can't be unseen.
Like we keep going to sleep back into the same bad dream.
No matter how much you try to stay woke.
I'm tired of walking on eggshells watching you eat the yolk.
Nope! It ain't going down...neither am I.
Racism isn't new, it's just being more televised.
Have you completely given up on being civilized?
Will you even try to empathize before our demise?
Black people cryin cause Black people dyin.
Ignorant Caucasians say, "we should comply."
But that doesn't stop 'em, nope.
Still end up shot or choked...dead on the spot...compliance or not.
So what do you suggest we do next?
So far everything that we've tried has no effect.
Marching, even a peaceful protest while you try to justify their death with their Hx.
Yea, some of us loot and some of us riot.
Most of you won't listen unless we get violent.
We'll all end up dead if we suffer in silence.
It's called being black in America, try it.
Trust me. It's something that you can't even imagine
Going on for us because for you it won't happen.
You'll never see it from our side of the track.
On a bus they have never made you ride in the back.
So no matter what you say there's no denying the fact.
That you wouldn't want to trade in your white skin for black.
In order for all lives matter to be true, Black lives have to matter just as much to you."
(PLEASE Tell me how we are a threat/
when you have the power but we end up dead.
PLEASE somebody make it make sense when they kill us and just get a slap on the wrist.
PLEASE show us how to protest to receive the justice we haven't seen yet.
PLEASE, PLEASE most of all, prove that Black lives matter to y'all)! [Repeat]
What am I supposed to tell my kids now?
About how to avoid it when I don't even know how.
The message you send is befuddling.
LEO don't even care about subtlety.
Are we being hunted down like game?
Can white privilege not conceive white blame?
You think if you keep killing us our voices might wane?
Am I sane? Hoping that you'll care if I am pained?
Doesn't even matter to you does it?
Can never ask "what if it was you?" because it wasn't.
See, you get to walk away from the scenario,
While you watch us walk into another burial
And I know about the Black on Black crime,
that's more vicinity than race so you can save that line.
How about telling us what you can do to help.
Policing police and policing yourself.
People got mad because of a knee that was taken.
That was for justice not a political statement.
You hijacked the narrative turning it into hatred.
Skipping over civil rights being violated.
We pay you to serve and protect.
How are we a threat with your knee in our neck?
Should we die for allegedly writing bed checks?
Or get murdered for selling some loose cigarettes?
Remember the hate that you give.
You might not want to admit it if it's the way that you live.
If you don't know it exists it's because of white privilege.
If you're black in America you know what targeting is.
We want our voices heard!
We want justice to be served!
We want to stop being purged!
We want actions not just words!

Lyrics Flava Hype Music J-Rum and Jaspreet
Producer Bao Pham Publisher Taste Bud Publishing
Performance Flava Hype
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