No More Lies

Song Length 4:14 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Heartbreaking, Stressed Subject Determination, Lies
Similar Artists Eminem Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
Basically, you just told me what I've suspected all along
You weren't being completely honest about how you felt about my songs.
I needed the ugly truth and you gave me some pretty lies.
How can I trust what you say when credibility is compromised?
If you don't think that I can make it, if you don't think that I can do it,
If you don't think my music's good enough, don't tell me to pursue it.
I do want you to be open and I do want your opinion
But I want you to be educated before you put your two cents in it.
I need you to be an objective and knowledgeable voice
But you're not interested in learning so you're ignorant by choice.
Don't want an expert analysis, just tell me what you like
And if you honestly don't, keep them two lips tight!
Don't be gassin me up just to siphon the tank!
And don't be tellin me it's potpourri when you think it really stank!
That's not gonna help me learn and that's not gonna help me grow
And if that's not really your concern, that proves you lied to me some mo'...
Verse 2
I'll never forget the time that you said it'll never happen
I acted like it didn't phase me and thought I might just stop rappin.
You probably believed it and thought nothing would come of it
Your doubt manifested a weapon and guess who's gonna catch the brunt of it.
Don't worry though, I'm not gonna go off and straight bash you
I could if I wanted to but instead let me just ask you.
Did you feel good about yourself after you told me that mess?
Did you think your words would deter me from wanting to do more with what I was blessed?
Did you think about the sting that statement would have after you said it?
My brain wanted to ignore the pain but my heart just wouldn't let it.
So ever since that day, I've been determined to prove you wrong
And, it stays in the back of my mind every single time I write a song.
You were untrue with your support, you never believed in me.
I had my back to the signs that's why I didn't see any.
Now, if I don't make it, don't consider yourself a prophet
But, when I do make it, know that that lie you told caused it...
Verse 3
You didn't have to lie to me, I can handle the truth
But your dishonesty is haunting me like a fictional spook.
I coveted your opinion and I respected your realness
But did you know a fake compliment is worse than a real dis?
Don't be surprised that I'm damn near cryin while I'm writin this
If you weren't feeling my other music I know you ain't likin this.
But I'm not doin this for you, (I'm) doin this for me
You weren't giving me what God loves and I needed to be set free!

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