My Grindhouse

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to get into a sexual mind set with a song and take it slow and sensual while being myself.

Song Description

Just a song about how great sex can be with me.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Composed Subject General, Sex Acts
Similar Artists Ludacris Language English
Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1):
I love your pole positions, show me just what I've been missing
Girl, you so sexy you get me to the point that I'm about to explode any minute.
This is my grindhouse. And, we both know just how it goes.
When you get down on your knees, baby, I get up on my toes.
The way you walk is inviting. Your confidence is igniting
a spark in my sex motor, now you got all my pistons firing.
Wanna take you to the land of "I don't give a damn",
while you navigate me through the sea of "what did you do to me?"
Now if I nibble first, you kiss back. You suck on this, I lick that.
Round and round, dosey doe, blow for blow, and tit for tat.
No one is taken advantage of and no one is cheated.
We both get what we want because it's what we both needed.
My wood and your beaver. The ultimate stress reliever,
'cause, metaphorically, I'll be choppin up your meat with my cleaver.
And since we're in this together I'm hoping you won't decline
the invitation I'm extending you to my house of grind.
(Hook 2X):
(Welcome to my grindhouse. We're about to find out
who can go all four quarters without a time out.
The totem pole, the back breaker, the long-stroker, roller coaster.
I want you to ride until we both reach utopia).
(Verse 2):
You got all the potential. Your flexibility is essential.
It makes me fantasize about what you can do to me
and I can barely wait to get with you.
When we hook up, it's on and poppin. Boxer briefs and panties droppin.
And, we gon' beat til we skeet so much
that these bed sheets gon' need some washing.
I've been patiently waiting, contemplating masturbating
but then I stopped 'cause I wanted you to get every drop
of what I've been saving.
I ain't snackin on you, baby, I'ma make you a meal
'cause every inch of you is intensely drippin with sex appeal.
You got that fire, girl, and I got my extinguisher ready
and when I let loose my juice it's gon' shoot out just like confetti.
I want your pink river flowing on me until I am drenched
And if you had doubts before you came then you should leave convinced.
Now, feel free to return if you found the service pleasurable.
The appreciation for the experience with you would be immeasurable.
Which is why when we finished, I'd hope you wouldn't decline
unlimited invitations back to my house of grind.

Lyrics Flava Hype Music J-Rum Music
Producer J-Rum Music Publisher Taste Bud Publishing
Performance Flava Hype
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