I'ma Rock

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to get on a rock track and see if I could incorporate my own style of hip hop to it.

Song Description

A fusion of Flava Hype's style of hip hop with a rock track that evokes more energy than has been shown on previous songs. The challenge was trying to match the energy of the rap with the energy of the track.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial, Ecstatic Subject Excitement, Party
Similar Artists Limp Bizkit, Lil Jon Language English
Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1):
If you're ready to rock, then I am ready to roll.
I'm feelin the energy surging from my head to my toes.
This is a full scale, all out, frontal attack.
I'm usually cool but now, I'm heatin up the track
See, I've finally decided it's about that time
For me to combine rock with my hip hop rhymes.
I'll do whatever it takes to possess your spirit
And, if hip hop is hurtin, Flava Hype can heal it.
Yea, see, I just make it do what it do
So don't be mad at me because the beat told me to.
I'm unpredictable 'cause I don't fit the mold
And, you'll never know what direction I will take my flow.
Yo, feel the bass kick. Hear the snare and clap.
The guitar grabs ahold of your soul and it ain't givin it back.
And, it's a rap once my music has your mind possessed.
You'll be bangin your head until you break a bone in your neck!
(I'ma rock your socks off! You gon learn today,
bruh, I'm in it to win it, not just to play!
I'ma rock you to your core...from the inside out!
Do you understand the words comin out of my mouth?!
I'ma rock it to the top! That's where I belong
And if your heart is beatin, I know that you're feeling this song!
I'ma rock til the tick ain't followed by the tock!
I'ma rock til there ain't nothing left to rock)!

(Verse 2):
I didn't want you to be ready, that's why I didn't warn you.
You're used to the same delivery that's why this is DiGiorno!
I'm switchin it up a little bit so you don't get bored.
After I rock your roof down, I'm tearin up the floor!
I got a mean streak in me that you don't want to see
So, caught up in my cross hairs is where you don't want to be!
I'm dead serious. Once I get my target locked,
I can snipe one dude or I can bomb the block!
I bet none of y'all thought that I can manage
To take a rock beat and cause so much damage.
Well, damn all your doubts and disses 'cause I'm determined
Fans give me shouts and kisses cause I have earned it!
Bang it in your room or you can bump it in your ride.
Declare your independence like the Fourth of July!
And, if anybody says, "listen to somebody else"
Tell 'em Flava Hype says to go rock yourself!
(Verse 3):
The number one thing I wanna do with this song
Is to make you lose your mind when you hear it come on.
You gotta get crunk no matter where you at.
Stop in your tracks, now, bob your head front to back
Just like a reflex when you hear a beat this nasty.
Ain't no way in hell I was letting this beat get past me.
And if you want to be the one to start the trend,
Begin pumpin your fists until your friends join in!
Please believe that I ain't stopping yet!
Not until I drain every last drop of sweat!
And you know that you're a fool if you think I'ma quit
Before you memorize every single word that I spit.
Yes, I do possess the power to bless
And my music is like an anaconda crushing your chest!
Now that I have the momentum, you know I'm not gonna stop!
You knew that I can hip hop, and now, you know that I can rock!

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Performance Flava Hype
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