I Cheated

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to see if I could put into words some of what the mindset of a man and woman in a relationship would be like if he confessed to being unfaithful to her.

Song Description

He confessess that he cheated on her and she begins to ask questions about what happened and why he did it. He is sorrowful and knows she is angry so doesn't get defensive about the questions but still wants to be friends with her if possible.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Heated, Heartbreaking Subject Regret, Anger
Language English Era 2000 and later


*Parentheses ( )= Female
Verse 1:
I don't know what I was thinking or if I was thinking at all.
I put myself in a bad position and made the wrong call.
She didn't mean anything to me and she still doesn't.
I hope you don't think it was all planned, because it wasn't.
(Was she pretty? Did she turn you on to the fullest)? Why?
(What's her name)? I don't remember. (Well, shit you better try!
Come on, tell me Flava, was it somebody I know?
'Cause if it is, I swear to God I'll beat the brakes off that ho)!
On everything I love, I don't remember who she was.
(Yeah, but I bet you remember everything that fucking slut does!
Did she suck it? Did you eat it? Did you tickle it? Did she beat it?
Did you think about me at all whenever you skeeted?
Did you do her like you do me, and lick her from head to toe?
Did she do something nasty like toss your salad)? Hell no!
Why are you asking? (Because I'm trying to understand
what this #2 woman did to my #1 man).
{Hook} 2X:
I cheated. (How could you? I thought you loved me).
I do love you! (Just leave right now! Don't look at or touch me)!
Please, wait a minute just let me explain...
(Why, so you can look me in my eyes and lie to me again)?
Verse 2:
It was a one night stand and I have learned my lesson.
(Who the hell are you, Usher, telling me your confessions?
I don't even want to look at you, but I do have one question.
Did you have enough blood in your brain to think to use protection?
Psh! Never mind. I know you hate rubbers.
And I know you had to feel everything from your new lover).
That's not my lover, baby. It only happened once.
(Don't call me "baby". When you do, I feel like a dunce.
Why, Flava? Was I not treating you right?
Did I not give you enough head laying in bed at night?
Is my ass not round enough? Are my teeth not straight?
I even fantasize about you when I masturbate.
You could've had the world, now, I could have a disease.
You threw it all away for a twenty minute skeez.
Kick rocks! I'm dead serious! Hit the road jack!
I'll count to ten, you better be gone before I cock the hammer back)!
{Hook} 2X
Verse 3:
{Phone call}
(Oh, my goodness! Really? What the hell do you want?
I don't have the time or patience so, let me be upfront.
I have no more tears for you. I'm all cried out.
The river of love I had for you is all dried out.
So, if you're thinking of reconciling, it's not gonna happen.
And if you get cheesy or corny, I'm hanging up laughing.
Now speak your peace, make it brief and let this be the last time
because calling me again will be completely asinine)!
I know that we're not gonna get back together
I'm not even coming at you like that.
I know that you know that I know I was wrong
because that is a well-established fact.
The only reason I'm calling is to tell you how truly sorry I am.
Though, I never said it, I do regret it and I'm hoping we can at least be friends.
It can be a new start if you can find it anywhere in your heart to forgive.
It can still be cool between me and you if we leave the past where it is.
(I guess so. I always loved you like you're kin to me).
Now, you're feeling me. (Hell naw! You're my sworn enemy...'cause you cheated)!
{Hook} 2X

Lyrics Flava Hype Music J-Rum music
Performance Flava Hype & Kristi Rainwater Cody
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