Story Behind The Song

I got tired of seeing how a lot of famous people behave once they get in the public eye and have priviledges extended to them that they take advantage of and expect special treatment instead of humbling themselves.

Song Description

Listen to the song and it will tell you how I define the different "levels" of fame and the last verse is a good friend of mine who shares his views on fame and how it appeals to him.

Song Length 3:45 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Annoyed, Troubled Subject Stardom, Money
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1):

The first level is the ballers that don't know how to handle it
The one's who're always bragging about their money and dicks and grabbing it!
It's faggot shit! I wanna take them by their mouth and spackle it!
Bend them over backwards until their bones crack and shit!
Or, grab a bat, close my eyes, and just start to whappin shit!
It's like people don't know who they are when they start to rap, and shit.
Or, any form of entertainment, it can even be acting, shit!
They lose themselves in the money once they start stackin it.
Anyway, I 'm not here to preach or teach a lesson
I just want to ask all these performers one question...
If you really love what you do, would you do it for free?
All that ice you got is only cool to a certain degree.
If I sell a million records, hell yea, I'll be happy
but, not because I think it's going to get me more nappy.
I'll be content with being respected and recognized.
Realize there's more to me than what you see before your eyes.
(Hook 2X):
(Everybody wants it, that is, until they get it
Then, finally, once they have it, don't know how to deal with it.
Now that they have it they try to act like they don't want it
But, they might as well enjoy it 'cause there ain't no runnin from it...FAME)!

(Verse 2):
The second level is the sports figures who think they'll never fall
They think they're above us all because they can dunk a ball.
Or, thinking they'll outrun authorities with a 4.2 forty
They get caught and change stories, now, they're not looking too sporty.
Now you're embarrassed in handcuffs, time to pay your dues
in an orange jumpsuit, face, all over the news.
What happened to your life, career, and potential?
This is something you couldn't get out of, even with your credentials.
It's like you're giving good athletes a bad name.
You don't need the negative exposure before a big game.
Or, at any time, really, so you have to keep your brain in it
before you find yourself in front of a jury explaining it.
But, by that time it's too late because your rep is tarnished.
It's up to them whether you walk or your career is garnished.
If it's "B" when the judge swings that gavel, there goes your season.
Now, you're really famous but for the wrong reason.

(Verse 3) [Colorblind]:
For me, personally, has no effect just
Give me the money, you can keep the rest
Yes, stress follows you whenever you step
With every breath the pressure will hollow your chest.
A mess will leave a stain, it will.
No shame in my game let the chain power the wheels.
Why you sweating your status? I'm just paying my bills.
Why you brag on your value? I'm just keeping it real.
To me the game is strange it lately lacks in appeal.
But, still, my aim is precise and I am ready to kill
And like Steven Seagal, you know, I'm "hard to kill."
If I was Bane for the fame, I'll level the playing field.
Fuck All My Enemies! Screaming as I yell!
God give me energy, so that I can prevail!
So, holla if you hear me I'm a rocket like Apollo
to the moon and back, believe that there ain't no room for sorrow...and still!

Lyrics Flava Hype & Colorblind Music Sinima Beats
Publisher Tate Bud Publishing Performance Flava Hype and Colorblind
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