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Just a bragatocious, swagtastic track

Song Description

We just wanted to flex a little bit.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Other
Mood Cool, On Cloud Nine Subject Pride, Arrogance
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1) A.G.

I stay fresh from my head to my toes
Clean wood grain, with a pine sol flow.
I down the bottle, some say I died on the low
then I rised up, put the Kraken on these h**s.
I get sandpaper gritty with a smooth hint of Jergens
though lower than low, but know my clothes stay urban.
White boy swag, like the hoods known conversion
here's your unemployment check 'cause your swag ain't workin.
(Yo swag ain't workin, yo swag ain't workin)!
I'm hurtin you, murkin you, lyrically, servin you in person.
When I swag...(spanish lyrics)?
Oooo! *Sniff, sniff* Tell me, what's that smell?
That's the smell of this Celtic, relishing relic
everything velvet, rojo cake, I rebel it,
nail it, then mail it back in Braille
'cause y'all ain't seein that I'm clean as hell!

(Hook) Colorblind
(Ain't nobody cleaner than us, givin a f*ck
we livin it up, check it out, it's part of my demeanor!
If anybody recognize us, up in the club, actin' a nut,
wipe 'em down 'cause I'm obviously cleaner.
Ain't nobody cleaner than us, cleaner than us, us
cleaner than us, check it out, it's part of my demeanor!
If anybody cleaner than us, cleaner than us, us
cleaner than us, check it out, gotta make me a believer).

(Verse 2) Flava Hype

Now, all of y'all claiming to be clean, you'll learn that I am, cleaner.
If freshness was a felony, you'd be a minor misdemeanor.
Now, I'm gonna be the one to break it down
and show you, step by step, how to get your swag up.
So ahead of competitors, they'll be throwing that white flag up.
"C" is for confidence, don't be cocky or conceited.
"L" is for laid back, your arrogance ain't needed.
"E" is for effortlessly, the way that you be killin 'em.
Your cleanness is swinging left and right just like a pendulum.
"A" is for appearance, your attire should be flawless
and, if you brought a breezy with you, she gotta be gorgeous.
"N" is for never and I will explain what I mean.
See, this is the meat and potatoes definition of clean.
Never let 'em see you sweat. Your coolness is paramount.
Never wash clothes outside...dirty laundry shouldn't be aired out.
Never believe you're the cleanest 'cause you can always be better.
Never let your cheese get dull...always keep that sharp cheddar.

(Verse 3) K.B. Reign

You can't find nobody cleaner 'cause K.B. Reign is a dreamer.
This is basic thugonomics, but no, I'm not John Cena.
And I'm causing misdemeanors when I flow like Aquafina
And my dogs are eating steaks while your dogs are eating Purina.
I'm where them models be it's a commodity to see comradery,
it should be a robbery 'cause your swag is such a mockery.
They used to be knocking me now, all these haters are rocking me.
I'm double "O" seven, Sean Connery, you're never stopping me.
Every girls a diva but, I'm the god of the cleanest.
I killed the god of war, Kratos, and now, I'm pullin' Athena.
Man, I stay with cougars, why are you bringing the cheetah?
I will run around her bases like my name was Derek Jeter.
Play this game with the Reign,
and that is me if they think!
Give 'em pain, put them in chains,
and set 'em free this is A...C...T!

Lyrics Flava Hype, K.B. Reign, Colorblind, & A.G. Music J-Rum Music
Performance Flava Hype, K.B. Reign, Colorblind, & A.G.
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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