The Wind/With Phoebe Blume

Story Behind The Song

The song is a metaphor for love and relationships

Song Length 3:06 Genre Pop - Classic, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject General Language English


"The Wind"

Lyrics by
Felice Kaye-Cooper
(Registered Copyright 2008)


When the leaves turn gold
When the air begins to feel cold
Try to recall the way
That summer's day
You promised always to stay

Then you said good-bye
And the tears rolled down from my eyes
Only shadows remain
There is no one to blame
Why we threw our love away (to Coda)


That's the chance one takes
Trying not to make any mistakes
But it's hard to know
When the leaves will be kissed by the snow

Repeat chorus without lyrics for *two lines (music only)
*But it's hard to know
When the leaves will be kissed by the snow


Let the truth be told once again
That we thought it never would end
Turn around and you'll see
How the wind has scattered your dreams

Back to beginning: repeat two verses to coda


Just remember this too shall pass
For the cold winter never lasts
And the spring will come
Bringing with it warmth from the sun
And from a distance one hears a love refrain
Telling the wind to fade away, fade away



I love tge mood that you set for this song. Really makes you relate & ask if there was a particular experience that inspired this emotionally deep somg?

Nice voice and sold the song........

Lyrics Felice Kaye-Cooper Music Felice Kaye-Cooper
Producer Felice Kaye-Cooper/ Phoebe Blume Publisher N/A
Performance Phoebe Blume/Felice Kaye-Cooper Label N/A
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