The Holyoke Soldiers Home

Song Length 3:02 Genre Pop - General


(Cannon Fire) (Humming) (Harp) (Guitar)

Oh they, fought in all of our wars
Knew what they fight-ing for
Thought there'd be somethin more
But they were just shown the door, , ,

To The Holyoke Soldiers, The Holyoke Soldiers
The Holyoke ,,,,,,,,, Old Soldiers Home

Oh It- - Took em all by supersize
And right if front of our eyes
Lead to their quick demise
Covid took all their lives.
I hang my head and I cry
Not how good soldiers should die

To the Holyoke Soldiers, The Holyoke Soldiers
The Holyoke,,, Old Soldiers Home

The Holyoke Soldiers, The Holyoke Soldiers

The Holyoke Old Soldiers Home, The Holyoke Old Soldiers Home

The Holyoke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (Cannon Fire) (Humming) Old Soldiers Home

decent quality and good singing

Interesting song

Perhaps I was not prepared for a song so specific to it's subject, and regarding Covid. It is a very passionate song, the vocalist does evoke almost an Irish Folk vibe.

I like the use of the military snare roll in relation to the "antagonist" in the lyrics - Covid. Almost like a firing line. It is striking.

Bob Dylan step aside. Love the ending.

Good combination of the Military effects with this moving Soldier's tune. Nice Harmonica work.The cannon and drums are well produced within the context of the song. Nice licensing opportunity for genres in TV or film that look for something this unique, albeit the Specific lyrical subject may make placement harder. Good on you for creating a unique and moving piece.

This has a real folk sound to it! It could be used in a War Film, that's where I see placing this tune!! It would be helpful, if the lyrics were easier to understand. It's a very creative piece and quite different for sure?? Look forward to your next composition, you have musical vision, that's for sure! Keep writing!!
Stay Safe.........while doing so!!

its nice to hear a patriotic song these days! Thank You! I wonder every day why we cant live together and have to go on killing each other! No wonder the aliens won't show themselves. They are scared of us savages! Who could blame them?

Interesting introduction sets this song up nicely with a military theme. I like the way the drums and bugles are scattered throughout the song. Obviously a passionately sung song, giving honor where honor is due.

I like the idea of the song.... good message

I liked the snare fill that was inserted throughout. It was kinda interesting to hear. I liked how it began and ended with the same snare and gunshot.

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