Story Behind The Song

The song was written after becoming aware that in most arguments we are saying the same thing in different words and perspective, and both are wanting to be seen, heard, and understood for something better together.

Song Description

The song is about seeing yourself in your partner. A romantic metaphor for emphathising with your lover when in discord or miscommunication.

Song Length 4:33 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Welcoming Subject Fight, Making Up
Similar Artists Phil Collins, Elton John Language English
Era 2000 and later


!st Verse:
See me, Feel me, I understand.
Let me be near you, Your face in my hands.

When I see through your eyes, I exude no disguise.
When I feel through your hands, You touch me with your heart and I feel.

When you're my mirror I see more clearly.
And I feel nearer to loving you right.
When you're my mirror I see more clearly.
And I feel nearer to heavenly light.

2nd verse:
Hate me, resist me, like lovers do.
Go to bed angry, my heart trapped inside you.
When you wake up angry, my heart is still trapped inside you.
Just look into my eyes and touch me with your heart an I'll feel.


You have a great texture to your voice. Nice emotion. You make me believe you.

Really slick production and beautiful musicianship in every part.

good song across the board....moving lyrics and good instrumentation....you should find a home for this one...

very pretty,great vocals,great arrangement/ recording!

very good job

Very nice vocal and arrangement. Really liked it.

I love this kind of song, kind of like what you would find on a movie sound track.

excellent vocals, much feeling, instruments well played

Great Song! Grat Lyrics! very well arranged and tight musicanship. Smooth warm mix all of which have produced a very contemporary and standard song. Great work.

Lyrics Eric Joseph Montgomery Music Eric Joseph Montgomery
Producer Eric Joseph Montgomery Publisher Eric Joseph Montgomery
Performance Maurice The Fish Label Maurice The Fish Records
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