It's Simple

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"It's Simple" tells the story about being a single parent, except from the somewhat less common perspective of a father with a teenage daughter. It is sparsely orchestrated and recorded with an intimate feel to emphasize the story line.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Peaceful Subject Life, General
Similar Artists Jack Johnson, Michael Buble Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's Simple
© 2009 Eric Henderson


I woke up sad this morning
And I'm pretty sure
It's not the rain
The sound it makes
Always seemd to calm
Me down

So I searched my head
To find the reason
That I felt this way
And it was no surprise
That this is what
I found

It's simple
I miss you
It's simple
And it's never going to change

I drove our girl to school this morning
It's uncanny
how much she looks like you
She tried to smile
Because she knows I'm hurtin'
And I know she's hurtin' too

I watched her walk away
And touch her cheek
To wipe a tear from her face
And I did the same damn thing
As I drove to work
Baby it's more than we can take


It's not about you and me
I'm glad that you're doing better
But there's one other person
You need to remember

She thinks you forgot her
Your daughter


Made it through another day
Dinner for two
And some casual talk

Then we said good night
And I watched the door close
To her room

She's a broken girl
I can tell
From the way that she walks

I give her a father's love
But she needs something more from you
So much more from you

It's simple
She needs you
It's simple
And that's never going to change

The most important things
The hardest things
The most complex things

Lyrics Eric Henderson Music Eric Henderson
Producer Eric Henderson Publisher Eric Henderson
Performance Eric Henderson Label BumbleFunk
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