Story Behind The Song

I lived in LA for 28 years and in Iowa for another 23 - the contrast is woven into my psyche and this song was a brief bubble into the conscious mind on that culture clash - except it turns out to be culture merge¬°

Song Description

Country boy meets city girl - expects a cold shoulder - finds live long love.

Song Length 3:49 Genre Country - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad, Delighted Subject Love at First Sight, Happiness
Similar Artists James Taylor, Jack Johnson Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2010 Eric Henderson

She had a tether to material goods
A thing for leather and for Hollywood
I chalked it up to her money and her vanity

So I figured she would laugh at me
In my old blue jeans with the blown out knee
But she surprised me with her curiosity

She said hey country boy
I hear that you take pride
In walking city girls
Out in the countryside

She took my hand and we walked on down the road
I told her all about the country things I know
The simple way that we choose to live our lives

I figured she'd be bored in no time flat
But she just kept asking me 'bout this and that
Until we found ourselves walkin' in the countryside

She said hey country boy
I hear that you take pride
In walking city girls
Out in the countryside

Where the big sun always shines
And the birds sing all the time
And we eat homemade apple pie

And there's a reason why we learn to shoot
Why we're poor but we ain't destitute
And we wear our cowboy boots
So we can go walking in the countryside

Me and that girl well we never turned around
We kept on walkin' 'till we got to my home town
Then she told me that her heart is her guide

I know that we were meant to be together
And she's still got that thing for leather
When we're all alone in the country side

Chorus Outro
She says hey country boy
I hear that you take pride
I walkin' us city girls
Out in the countryside

She says hey country boy
I wonder could it be
Time for this city girl
To move on out
To the country

(sounds good to me)

Lyrics Eric Henderson Music Eric Henderson
Producer Eric Henderson Publisher Eric Henderson/BumbleFunk
Performance Eric Henderson Label BumbleFunk
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