Bubble Butt

Story Behind The Song

Describing all the fascinating aspects of the female butock

Song Description

Luv Da Butz!

Song Length 4:04 Genre Rap - Progressive, R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Cheerful Subject General, Happiness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Bubble Butt

Dialog Intro

For the bubbly butt I?m a real go-getter
One will get me goin? but two is even better

I said hey hey baby won?t you back it on up
You know I love the girl with the bubble butt
I hope that thing is edible
?Cause baby your butt?s incredible

I love the bubble butt
I can?t get enough
Of the great big bubbly
bubbly butt

I like the one?s that scream
I like the one?s that wiggle
But I ain?t too fond
Of the one?s that giggle

When the bubble butt
Bounces in my face
Not a single ounce
Goes to waste

I love the long lean legs
And the sexy strut
But the icing on the cake
Is the bubble butt


Hold on hold on, let me break it down to you cause there so many different types of booties

You got your onion booty,
You got your booties that look like a cup
You got the ones that hang down
And you got the ones that point up
You got some that has junk in the trunk
You got some that has too many toys in the sandbox
You the ones that look good in a thong
And the ones that better wear jocks
You take that and apply it as you see...


Now back to the story and here we go
A bubble butt woman is the one who know
How to get me happy and spin my head
And tear those sheets right off my bed

A bubble butt woman is my delight
The reason why I don?t sleep at night
If I miss work well that?s ok
?Cause I play with the bubble butt all day

Dialog out with chorus...

© 2003 Eric Henderson

Lyrics Eric Henderson Music Eric Henderson
Producer Eric Henderson/BumbleFunk Performance Coo' Wil (and KrazE)
Label BumbleFunk
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