stay all night

Song Description

The song is about finding the right girl and falling in love.

Song Length 3:48 Genre Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists The Black Crowes


If I had to qualify all the times I've been passed by I'd waste too much of your time
I don't mind being alone within these walls that I call home but you've been changing my mind
That's why I stayed all night
I stayed all night

Life is funny I'll confess it does it's worst
I do my best, but time has taken a toll
Inside out and upside down can you turn my world around
Shine a light on this darkened heart of mine and
Stay all night

I said to myself
I must be heaven
I said to myself
I must be love

Tragedy plus time equals comedy but it's alright I'm only tragic when I laugh
Ease my moods with just a smile and heal me with a kiss, but do I deserve a love like this

Lyrics Santino Barile Music Santino Barile
Producer Santino Barile Performance Santino Barile
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