Goodbye Paradise

Song Description

Song is about losing faith in religious institutions and religion in general.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Rock - Easy Listening


Tell me what is going on
and what it really means
you're such a self made mystery
that no one really needs

The only way to love you
is to convince myself I do
the only way to leave you
is to give in to the truth

Tell me what is going on
and why it even matters
how far will you want to go
to get what you are after
promises of better days
has led me back to you
but nothing ever came of this
and now I know the truth

Bye bye paradise and all that you've become
Say hello to loneliness, you've always been the one
cloaked in shades of youth
in the handshake of a friend
disguised as bitter enemies
or allies to defend
filling hearts and memories
with fanciful desires
when all the while the bitter truth
is you're nothing but a liar

And when I have to face
the twilight of my years
I'll call on all my memories to help navigate my fears

All that you possess, is the power to deceive
and once I cease to be
you'll have nothing to retrieve

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