Story Behind The Song

It's a song about sex. Having sex with a woman who knows what she's doing. It's sultry, a little risqué but playful too.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Naughty Sex
Language English


I got a girl, She's automatic
She can move, she never get's static
She's got the ass, She's got the hips
She's like a shaker when I'm doing those dips
She's got some colour, Imagination
I take control while she's making my lovin' sing
I got the fire, just down below
get out the way 'cause she's making my feelings grow

She wants to feel me from the inside
I supersize her from the inside
'Cause that's the way that she rolls

She likes to dance, she likes to salsa
I go crazy when she cradles my balls
There's no denying, there's no debating
she's supernatural, heal you with her magic touch
She breaks the rules, I know the score
She shows me moves I ain't ever, ever seen before

Lyrics Santino Barile Music Santino Barile
Producer Santino Barile Performance Santino Barile
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