Song Description

This song is about infidelity in a relationship and the desire to bring love back together.

Song Length 5:12 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool Subject Relationship, Making Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


When it Rains it pours
Feel the memories flood my mind
I could drown inside
If I wallow in a love that died
I should swim to the shore..
To the safety of what I'm told is right, but...

In my heart you still beat, In my blood you still flow
You are deep in my soul, 'cause you're all that I know
Every time that we kissed and whenever we touched
The warmth of your smile is why I love you so much

I know I was wrong when I went astray
I hurt you so bad, I regret every day

Is it really over now
If this is the end why can't I let go
Could we start again somehow
I won't give you up
I'm ready to fight
For your love
Your forgiveness

Can you find the time to rescue a love gone wrong
I could change your mind
If I could show you what is in my heart
I'll prove that I'm here to stay
Allay all your fears, and dry all the tears that you cried

'Cause wherever I go, Whatever I do
Every thought, every dream
It all reminds me of you

The taste of your lips
and the scent of your skin
I miss you through to my soul
I will never give in

Lyrics Santino Barile Music Santino Barile
Producer Santino Barile Publisher Santino Barile
Performance Santino Barile
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