Hollow Man

Story Behind The Song

There are many debates that rage on about whether God exists or not. Whether religious belief is a bad influence on people and society. It is very obvious to those people who are not delusional that the answer to the first question is NO and the answer to the second question is YES. The certainty to which you can attribute this line of thinking stems from the phrase that is in the song lyric, which states "If the other side is right. then the rest of you are just insane". Which basically makes all religious people insane.

Song Description

The song is about the dangers of religion and it's leaders.

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Grunge
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic Subject General
Similar Artists Soundgarden Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hollow Man don't you realize you're empty
The things you say just don't make any sense
And all your Gods and Demons
they destroy our hopes and dreams
Ironic that you don't recognize the history

You like to trade humanity for blind faith
But isn't that the way the story goes
With your book of lies you demonize and terrorize
When I ask you why you look at me and say
God only knows

You tell me that you love me
While you pave my way to hell
If my skin is white and I'm married right
I might go somewhere else
Yo don't like fallen angels or evil in disguise
But the way you treat your brother
There's a Devil in your eyes
You put your trust in Jesus
But Mohammed's just as pure, but you say
Jesus is the son of God
But Islam's not so sure

Has the thought occurred to you
In the darkness of your brain
If the other side is right
Then the rest of you are just insane

Lyrics Santino Barile Music Santino Barile
Producer Santino Barile Performance Santino Barile
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