Unsung Heroes

Song Description

This song is dedicated to the every day, average person that works hard and deserves credit for being good and trying to do the right thing.

Song Length 3:09 Genre Rap - General, Rap - Progressive
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Diplomatic, Poignant
Subject Recovery, You, Yours Similar Artists 2Pac, Nas
Language English Era 1990 - 1999



This is for our Unsung Heroes

This is for the people that you don't read about
These unsung heroes that you never sing about
Faceless warriors
The individuals that make up the multitude
Foot soldiers, looked over, but vital nonetheless
Good leaders get stagnant if their squadron ain't in step
Best of the best, they be the doers of the word
No fortune and glory they just keep keepin' on
In the trenches, rumbling in the mixture
Giving life to mass movements and manifesting scriptures
Blood, sweat, and tears -facing our fears
Casualties of war, we cry -'cause those be our peers
Higher-up talk about 'collateral damage'
But we feel it firsthanded, 'cause that is our family
I heard it's real in the field, plus I know it too
We value our leaders, but it's the troops that keep it true
Actions speak while lip service can fade
Be 'bout your business, and power move everyday

This is for our Unsung Heroes....This is for our Unsung Heroes

From gangsta to bourgeois I hate to bust your bubble
But black unity does exist, even if just 'cause of struggle
But when we get it right we gotta help one another
So we're unified in good times, not just the bad times and trouble
All my thugs say: Pour out a little liquor
On the real, we're all striving for that mil-ticket
We gotta rear our childrens up right
Good health, discipline, love, and sacrifice
What good does it do to plant a seed
if it's in dead soil with no water, no sunlight, no air to breathe?
We gotta nurture our seeds, share your knowledge and insight
...Raise our kids up right
Libation: Show respect to the ones before us
Ascended in spiritual form, they make up the heavenly chorus
Libation: Show utmost respect to the elder generation
They drop jewels as tools to fuel the youth of the nation
Libation: For our spiritual political prisoners
Catching cases, fighting man's wicked machinations
Libation: For the prayer warriors that walk by faith
Kick-butt and take names, bustin' loose from their chains
Libation: For the Sun, Moon, and Stars, Earth, Wind, and Fire
Thank the Creator for the Truth because it destroys the Liar
Libation: For all the good things that's about to happen in the future
Word to God, let's keep it moving

This is for our Unsung Heroes....This is for our Unsung Heroes
This is for our Unsung Heroes...This is for our Unsung Heroes....This is for our Unsung Heroes

This is for our Unsung Heroes
...Much respect...One love

I love the message. like a new age public enemy

Lyrics Emanuel Bramlett Music Emanuel Bramlett
Producer Emanuel Bramlett Publisher Empowered Movements
Performance E-DILLA
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