Coulda Been Friends

Story Behind The Song

It's true about my feelings going back to a high school reunion. Sad to think what we all missed because of our own vanity.

Song Description

As adults we are mor civilised with each other. What a shame as kids we couldn't have been supportive and helpful to to lowest and the best of us. I believe we missed the boat growing up.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Disturbed Subject Change, Life
Similar Artists Chet Atkins, The Traveling Wilburys Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


I went to my reunion. The class of 1974
There was Mary Lou and Peggy Sue and some I didn't know.
But there we were together
Actin like we was long lost friends
Sayin how are you and what do ya do. Talkin bout work and kids
But as I stood there by the punch bowl It suddenly occured to me
That some never win and don't fit in but we all have something to say. (Chorus)
We coulda been friends
Lookin out for each others soul Keepin ourselves on that narrow road
Tellin eachother about the plans we had Helpin eachother not to feel so sad
But thats not how we were way back then. But we coulda been friends
Then I asked about Charlie I said I hadn't seen hem yet. We both shared the same true loves, Beer and cigarettes.
I found out Charlie took to gamblin. Lost his home and lost his wife. It took away his self respect, then it took his life. And as I thought back all those years ago when we last said goodbye, Could I have made a difference? Maybe Charlie still be alive. (chorus)
suddenly my thoughts turned to when I was growin up I saw Mom and Dad and the fights we had. All about stupid stuff. Mom adn Dad have passed on now. And I've found aq better life. It took 42 years of sin to finally see the light. And if Mom and Dad were standibnf here, I thought about what I'd say. But the words just wouldn't come to me thru my guilt and shame (Chorus)

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