Angel Of My Dreams

Story Behind The Song

My sister passed away a few years ago and I was thinking about her marriage and their devotion to each other.

Song Description

Love, devotion, and faith.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Composed Subject Marriage, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Blake Shelton Language English
Era 2000 and later


There I go again counting memories
I cant let go of all of my used to be's
I can't forget the night we met
You were with someone I knew
We talked till dawn and your chapparon
Left me there with you
You were the Angel of My dreams
Now three great kids and boat loads of memories
We built our lives on faith and family
Vacation plans in the family van
I thought I never would survive
The camping trips, the fleas and ticks
But you took it all in stride
Now here I stand in front of your resting place.
what i'd give if i could just see your face
But I must be strong and carry on
I've got a life to live
And if it was me I'd set you free with nothing to forgive.

Lyrics D Lee Music D Lee
Performance D Lee
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