Some Other Day

Story Behind The Song

A man looks back at his life and feels he has not achieved very much. He wonders where he went wrong, but still holds on to the hope that things will get better.

Song Description

A man looks back at his life and wonders why id didn't go as planned, but he still has hopes that things will work out fine.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Enchanting Subject Regret
Similar Artists Michael Buble, John Legend. Language English
Era 2000 and later


Some Other Day

Seems like I've been here before
Evening shadows pass my door
City lights don't look so bright
When you're lookin out on a rainy night

Lying here as darkness falls
Trying to escape these walls
My foolish dreams of brighter days
Are fading now like fallen leaves.

The eagle soars across the sky
I thought some day I too would fly
That dream disappeared along the way
Guess I'll fly some other day

Winding roads, I've travelled my share
Didn't know they would lead me here
With no guiding star how can you tell
Which road brings you home
and which one goes nowhere

The eagle soars across the sky
I thought some day I too would fly
That dream disappeared along the way
But I'm gonna fly some other day
I'm gonna fly some other day

I love this piece. Well recorded and well sung. Absolutely beautiful!

Really nice jazz ballad. It's well balanced, with the vocal up front and an accompaniment that complimented the vocalist.

congrats man...very well written tune...every aspect of the tune i dug...would love to hear more...cheers

Really like the voice and the overall feel. Competently put together and performed with a real professional touch.

Nice, comfortable feel to this smooth jazz tune. It is performed well and the vocal is nice and clean. I thought the bridge fit nicely and provided a change without breaking the mood. Good work all around.

This song is terrific. The vocals are great. The lyrics are very nice. I love the chord progression. This would be a hit song if not for the fake sax sounds.

What a nice song! I love the harmony - some non-cliche changes, and the instrumentation is very nice. The melody really has an emotional pull to it, and the arrangement supports that. Great sense of build throughout the song as well! Well done!

Lyrics Denis Hackett Music Denis Hackett
Producer SCAMP Studios Publisher Denis Hackett
Performance SCAMP Studios Label Unsigned
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Ireland #3
Jazz - Contemporary #3
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McCoyd Music Liked Songs by Other Artists 9/4/2023

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