Night time (Live)

Song Description

Slow ballad, slightly quirky

Song Length 2:21 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Tonight, Night, Evening
Language English


Clouds scuttle past a waning moon
And party goers take taxis to their far domains
While street kids and urchins take to the roads the sidestreets and the alley ways
All good folk sleep,tender in their beds of ice
Song forget their words and lightening forgets to strike

The sun goes down and the lights are low and there's silence all around
The sun goes down and your heart will pound and there's silence all around

Restless waves settle on far off shores ans ships anchor for a new duration
And all is still while waitresses sigh and await tomorrow's horizon.

Copyright David James 2006

Lyrics David James Music David James
Producer David James Publisher David James
Performance David James
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Ronald Arduini Interestingly Unique 7/11/2018
Ronald Arduini Lyrically touching songs 7/11/2018

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