Forest Walk

Song Length 3:30 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Classical - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Content, Welcoming Subject Happiness, Fun

This track would be very commercially useful, no big shocking changes of tempo etc. so would work well for underscore, makes me think of happy, friendly images, a very positive vibe overall. I like the subtle changes of range that give it enough variety but without being jarring or distractive. Great job on the mix, the entire pitch range is well-captured.

Bravo! Thank you so much for this beautiful musical piece and the awesome pianist. For a strict piano; this is great and I love the chord progressions! When I review music I like to give hints of marketability so you can make money off of this :) I see this as a multi-use recording as-is with "telephone holding queue music" to PBS backtracking sounds, DVD projects and multimedia as well as a melancholy song in a movie soundtrack. Once again, thank you for the pleasurable listen.

This well-played friendly and accessible melody is very marketable for licensing, so I wish you luck in that area. Nice to hear something straightforward and uncontrived. Keep doing what you're doing.

This is excellent contemporary classical piano music. The recording does the wonderful sound of this piano justice, and the artist playing it has a very good ear. Thoroughly enjoyed the melodic arpeggios in this song.

Music David Michael Walsh Producer David Michael Walsh
Publisher David Michael Walsh Performance David Michael Walsh
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