Pass It On Down

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Proud of his roots and the things being passed on down

Song Length 4:32 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Subject Pride
Similar Artists The Allman Brothers Band


Ã,©2006 Don Rosler Dave Keyes
Now people when I really get the urge to cook
I can't follow no store bought recipe book
Cause every time I do it turns out souless and dry
To get it really right I've got to close my eyes

I can smell my childhood kitchen
and hear those sizzling sounds
All the voices and the laughter and the lessons I've learned
With everybody gathered round

CHORUS: You gotta pass it on down, pass it on down
You gotta pass the good stuff down
Pass it on down, pass it on down
You gotta pass the good stuff down

Now sometimes when I feel the funk comin' on
I hit the jukebox in my head where there's a thousand songs
From lullabies to wild and lowdown things
And most of them I know I heard my Daddy sing

Oh they get me through the tough times
Yeah I take those songs around
It' s a hot little torch that was handed to me
And I'm lighting up every town


Yeah and that's the way that I learned
What this world is all about
And most of my lessons started like this:
Boy you wanna hear something cool
Come on and check this out

Back to the old soul kitchen
Can you hear those sizzling sounds
Everything I got goes in the pot tonight
And I'm passing it all around

Lyrics Dave Keyes & Don Rosler Music Dave Keyes & Don Rosler
Producer Dave Keyes Publisher Keyesland Music/ Insideedge Music
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