Who Stole The Baby Jesus

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©2013 Dave Keyes, Keyesland Music All Rights Reserved
Mary and joseph stare at the manger
Where the baby jesus used to be
There's an empty spot - the straw is bare
In the nativity scene
Who'd stoop to such a low down act
They needed to know
Got to call in a higher authoritity
Got to find father Joe

Who stole the baby Jesus
It hurts so much to see
Who Stole the Baby Jesus
It's Such a mystery
Till they find that low down bum
There'll be such misery
(Who stole the baby the baby jesus) 3x
I know it wasn't me

Father Joe between masses
Came to say some prayers
He was shocked at the disaster
That baby Jesus wasn't there
Detective Rick raced on up
Said how could this be
When I find that no good scum
They'll be charged with grand larceny

Last year some hoodlums stole
reindeer decorations
And put them on the lawn posed
As sexual creations
The faithful were so angry
The Choir so upset
And now the baby jesus' gone
A heinous crime they wont forget

Who stole the Baby Jesus
it was right there by the tree
Mary and Joseph stare in shock
where he used to be
Till they find that low down bum
There'll be such misery
(Who stole the baby the baby jesus)
I know it wasn't me

The posse met in the church
And in walked little Tommy Shannon
6 years old and pulling his new
red shiny wagon
and on the back there he sat
the star of our show
the baby jesus clear as day
It's a miracle they all crowed

I didn't steal it tommy said
Why is everyone so crazy
I just wanted a new red wagon
So last night I was praying
This morning I woke up the wagon was
Underneath the tree
To give thanks I wanted the baby jesus
To take the first ride with me

(sung Legato and sweet like a choir of angles)
The message of this story 4 / 4
Is life's not always what it seems 1/1
Why think the rest of your fellow man 2/2/
When there is so much good to see 5/5/

Mary Joseph and the baby jesus 4/4
Are back as the holy three 1/1
Anything less I dare suggest 2/2/
Would be blasphemy 5/5/5/5

Who stole the baby Jesus
That's 's right it wasn't me
Who Stole the Baby Jesus
It was just little tommy
They thought it was a low down bum
Instead he's 6 years old and chewing gum
(Who stole the baby the baby jesus) 3x
Thank god it wasn't me

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