Inside You

Song Length 4:44 Genre Folk - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful


©Keyesland Music 2009

You think no one cares, when you're lonesome
So you sit by yourself
Feel the world's weight on your shoulders
Self pity is some kind of hell
Some look for a vision
In a god or bottle or a spoon
But nobody knows better what to do
Cause the answer is inside you

The woman you love
She makes demands
And that boy that's the center of your world
He's so angry at dad
You can't hide from the fact
The world sometimes is mad
Did you really think that life was fair
There's no easy fixes -you can't be afraid
You've got to dig down deep and have a lot of faith
What won't kill you makes you stronger it's true
But you know the answer is inside you
the answer is inside you

If you love that woman with every beat of your heart
And shelter that boy from all harm
Then when the storm rages all out of control
Don't worry-Just find your way home

You look for answers all your life about what to do
Now you've got a family full of love, looking right at you
Live your life -trust yourself and never be afraid
The answer is inside you
What won't kill you makes you stronger
You know it's true
The answer to it all is inside you

Lyrics Dave Keyes Music Dave Keyes
Producer Dave Keyes Publisher Keyesland Music
Performance Dave Keyes Label Keyesland Records
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