I Got Da Funk-Dave Keyes Band

Song Description

Funky jilted lover

Song Length 4:55 Genre R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless Subject Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists The Neville Brothers



Wasn't long ago, the lovin wouldn't end
But a pack of lies and I don't mix- now you're back again
Your beggin' for a taste but let's get something straight
That feast you planned is cancelled, there's nothing on your plate
So go on back to Jack and Harry on the South side of town
You ain't gettin nothing of what I got I ain't gonna be your clown

I got da funk- But you ain't gonna get it
I got what you want, but you ain't getting' nothin from me
I got da funk, but you can forget it
Give me all the buried treasure in the deep blue sea
You ain't gettin funky with me

What made you go I'll never know, but baby once you split
Out of sight and out of mind, how quick I lost your itch
You need a pawn to play your game, to weave your evil web
Now there's tears upon your face and you tails between your legs
Now I swear that I'm not the guy to forgive you and forget
Hit that lonesome road - Go on pay your debt


You say I never made enough money
Well let me tell you something that you need to know
I got a heart of gold and hands of steel
But all you care is how you feel
What you give is what you get and you ain't getting nothin you can bet


So go on back to Jack and Harry on the South side of town
You ain't gettin' nothin' of what I got, not after what I found

Lyrics Dave Keyes Music Dave Keyes
Producer Dave Keyes Publisher Keyesland Music
Performance Dave Keyes Label Keyesland Records
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