Fess and the Doctor -Dave Keyes Band

Song Description

Thanking all the great musicans both of New Orleans and otherwise for making music that makes us feel good..

Song Length 3:38 Genre R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful Subject Joy
Similar Artists Dr. John


�© 2006 Dave Keyes/Keyesland Music

I'd like to pay my respects to the guys I love
Tickling the ivories with a velvet glove
From the Fess and the Dr.
We get a sign from above

Give me Fess and the Dr. all night long
Just give me Fess and the Dr. all night long
Keep those hands warm and rockin'
Open up the door I hear heaven knockin'
Just give me Fess and the Dr. all night long

See old Davey acting crazy, his sail needs wind today
He worked too hard and thought too much
Then he heard that music play
And he could smell that gumbo 20 miles away


When I die and I go to the sky
There's just one thing I can say
When I see St. Peter at the pearly gates
I want to hear that music play
There'll be Fess and Bird, Satchmo and Prez, Benny and Teddy,
The Duke and the Count, The King and the Father, Wilie the Lion,
Bessie, Lady Day, Tuts, Fats, Kid, Booker, Tatum ooh.....
They gonna blow my blues away


Lyrics Dave Keyes Music Dave Keyes
Producer Dave Keyes Publisher Keyesland Music
Performance Dave Keyes Label Keyesland Records
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