Cut Me-Dave Keyes Band

Song Description

Woman treats her man bad.....

Song Length 4:15 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


© 2006 Dave Keyes/Keyesland Music

You cut me - cut me like a knife
Why can't you love me-Instead of criticize
there's nothing I can do To make you feel right
You cut me so low- With your lyin eyes
The hangman's set up shop And the noose is getting tight
When you cut me

When your family's around - your always in control
When your girlfriends in the house- you treat me so cold
Your words are little daggers- diggin in my soul
Carvin up my heart- take a heavy toll

You cut me Cut me like a knife
Why can't you love me-don't you realize
Your killing what we had- each day another fight
Your lyin like a rug- you've got no alibi
There's nothing that you do that still is a surprise
When you cut me


Love is precious baby and life is good and bad
But this man needs the lady to share the love that we once had
I am not a cheater - or a fool anymore
I'll cut these chains that bind me and walk alone right out that door

So cut me - Now woman I can fly
You just don't love me get someone else to criticize
Nothing I do makes you feel right
It's over were done no need to say goodbye
You thought I'd never leave, but the doors are open wide
So cut me
I'm gone

Lyrics Dave Keyes Music Dave Keyes
Producer Dave Keyes Publisher Keyesland Music
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