our forever

Song Length 4:18 Genre Folk - Alternative


Talk I am listening
But I don't know whether I'll be any help
When I hear you. I hear me.
You sound like me questioning myself

Tomorrow you're gone and you don't know how long
I thought I could wait but when you got back I was gone.

One one more game of pool.
Mugs away I just kicked you
Then you came back and you pummel me.
But I don't care if I win or lose

Our forever, won't change a thing,
If you need to talk then just give me a ring
Our forever, will stay the same
No danger in remembering yesterday.
Our forever.........let's go.

Walk walk away from me
We can't stop ourselves wanting different things
I'll tell you honestly, I thank you for listening to me.

You see you see the roads you need to take
Ignore the weather
I need I need to go the other way
It's our forever
Change will come and change will go
But I don't care because I know
That ever river has a bridge
Could be 2 weeks away or 2 years or just 1 day
Still the same name and same face you're
still the same name and same face.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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