find your escape

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Reminding our self that there's a place we can find peace.

Song Length 4:49 Genre Folk - Alternative
Language English Era 2000 and later


Find your escape
Daniel Cameron

All I saw missing was life the reason to live and the reason to try
Don't you see the world spinning around.
If you're standing still then eventually you'll

Don't you want a real opportunity to push your life into a mystery.
Time will tell where you will be,
Don't be afraid find your escape.

You have everything you need.
But you avoid what you feel you should believe.
Its simple truth, you live until you die.
But are you living or controlled by what sounds right.

Here I go, I know that my mystery will be history when I fall, I fall.
That was yesterday, still alive today
Here I go I know that my mystery is for me
So I will try to see the life that's in me.
I won't be afraid I'll find my escape.

No excuse for me to walk away when I found peace in my escape.
I see that I am free here.
I can slowly breathe and be amazed, with waves
crashing upon the cliff face.
I see my thoughts being washed away.
I love to feel the breeze around me and to see the things surround me are real, it helps me to believe.
That I can run and not grow weary I can walk and not faint,
Yes I can rise upon the wings of eagles.
To say to the things that are in my way, yes I'll be found in my escape It's here I wait it's here I wait.
It's my escape.
It's my escape.
Find your escape.
It's my escape.

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