Recuerdos - Gone

Song Description

Arrangement of the classic guitar masterpiece Recuerdos de la Alhambra (1896), new words by Danelle Drury

Song Length 4:00 Genre Classical - Romantic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerless, Heartbreaking Subject Loneliness, Heartbreak
Language English Era 1800 - 1899


Gone the summer days,
the leaves all died and fell:
Nature's dying ritual.
Gone are you as well.
Gone the sun-kissed whisper.

I loved you all my days,
I'd never dreamed we'd part.
Clothed in shrouds of winter,
It's winter in my heart.
Can't believe you've left me.

My days were filled with you,
our loving and our laughter.
Tea without you, stretches ever after.

Gone your quiet half-smile,
gone your steady breathing.
Darkness closing on me,
The winter of my grieving.

To hold you in my arms,
My head against your chest,
your heartbeat reassuring,
your warmth my spirit's rest;
Who am I without you?

Gone the summer warmth,
the leaves all turned to red.
I'll hold you close all winter,
but only in my head.

All in my head....
All in my head, all in my head.

Words by Danelle Drury;

Lyrics Danelle Drury Music Terrega, arranged Sync2Beat
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