You Are The Girl

Story Behind The Song

Well... Based on experience and good fortune... gotta know what's out there to appreciate what you have. The music really came around with McKean's fingers on the keys. This one has been played live numerous times in a more fleshed out and rocked up version.

Song Description

Song that presents all the girls out there, and the way they drive us crazy, but there's always one that is the "one" if you are lucky guy like the writer dB

Song Length 3:12 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Charming Subject Joy, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists David Bowie, Oasis Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


You are the Girl 3:12 ASCAP

There's a girl in every man's heart
There's a girl Who you'll fall in love with
Right from the start she'll tear you apart
and you'll love her just the same

There's a girl who's walking in the door
There's a girl who's always late
There's a girl who'll make you wait
There are girls that taste just great

There's a girl who's always on my mind
There's a girl who's so hard to find
There's a girl who's just out of reach
There are girls on every beach

There's a girl who likes to drink beer
There are girls who like red wine
There are girls who don't have the time
There are girls who love to grind (all nite)

Chorus...There's a girl in every man's heart
There's a girl but not like you
You are the girl for me
It's you only you

Repeat verse two and one

chorus...Yeah yeah yeah
you are the girl for me...I say
You do it the right way-
You girl, you girl, yes you are the one for me

You are the girl for me I say, you do it the right way
You girl you girl only you. You are the girl for me.

©1998 All Rights Reserved Words and Music by Douglas Branson aka dB+!

nice beat and infectious lyrics - a nice sing song good time feel to the song

Very cute and rhythmic piece. I love everything going on in the background. All in all a very cool and entertaining effort.

I assume the intent here is to be a college type song for the frat house and parties. Sing along while you drink a beer. If that's the plan it does it quite well. I almost opened a beer just now. THere's a bit of catchiness with the hook going on that it just repeats in your head. so great job there.

This is a fun pop song and I really like what's being done with the vocals here. Different vocals coming in here and there throughout the track to add a fun element, different vocals and group dynamic. The music is fine, does what it needs to do and no problems with the instrumentation. A great piano solo towards the end.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB+1 Music dB
Producer dB / Matt Russo Publisher exit4music
Performance dB on Vocals, Guitar Matthew Russo, Piano McKean Sinkler, Bass Darrin Gardiner, Drums Ed McGrogan Label Rat Tale Records
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