Made Me A Better Man- (Instrumental)

Song Length 3:47 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Mood Ecstatic, In High Spirits
Subject Madly In Love, Joy Similar Artists Daughtry, Seether
Language English Era 2000 and later

Sweet! Love this thing tons. Flavors and hints from generations of music, yet so modern... how do you do that? Really great writing, instrumentation, superb recording, and those performances on the guitar got me on my feet. Whew, I'm going in for another listen again...

Great piece of music, great recording... perhaps the only thing that confused me about it was what it would be used for. On one hand if it was a theme for a soundtrack I felt like it needed a melody, or something resembling that. If it was used as a piece to tie a couple of scenes together it would work well, it certainly has energy.

A wonderful wild west themed piece (If that's what you intended that is). I can picture the formation of a posse growing, while riding in the semi desert of the wild west, with the wind blowing the dust through the air.

This is a great recording and some really tight playing. Excellent Musicianship. Very polished.

This is an extremely well done track that I feel certain was designed to play a powerful supporting role to some great lyrics! On its own its awesome, but I'm sure much better ith the vocals!

Music Crosseyed Miles- (Greg Polmateer), Mike Gladstone Producer Mike Gladstone- (Tonesearch)
Performance Crosseyed Miles -(Greg Polmateer), Mike Gladstone
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