I'm Never Alone at Christmas

Story Behind The Song

I was lonley at one Christmas and bbegan remembering all the past Christmas memories. I didn't feel alone then

Song Description

Just wanted to write christmas song.Although I have not been with my family a lot at christmas they are with me always in the great memorys of my childhood Christmases

Song Length 3:25 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Peaceful Subject Encouragement, Seasons
Similar Artists Tony Bennett, Billy Joel


I?m Never Alone at Christmas
Written By craig jacobson

I?m never alone a t Christmas
I?m with my memories
Of my family gathered round the tree
Home on Christmas Eve
Children laughing present wrappings
Covering the floor
I?m never alone at Christmas any more

I?m never alone at Christmas
No matter where I go
Santa Clause and missal toe
Makes me feel right at home
When the wind is blowing Snow flakes floating
Gently to the ground
I?m never alone at Christmas I?ve found

At Christmas time I close my eyes and Everybody?s there
From every single Christmas memory
At Christmas time my families with me

I?m never alone a t Christmas
Theirs something in the air
Everyones so friendly love is everywhere
So if your lonely recall only the time of year it is
And you?ll never be alone at Christmas
I?m never alone at Christmas
Don?t ever be alone at Christmas again

Lyrics Craig Jacobson Music Craig Jacobson
Producer Craig Jacobson Publisher Craig Jacobson
Performance Craig Jacobson

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