Fire Within

Song Length 3:56 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


We are living in a world
thats filled with desire
burning from out side in my friend,can't you feel it!
we are like a child
thats playing with fire
we don't know we can burn our selves,we don't know it!
CH>I can see the world
and the shape that it's in
when the burning begin's
there's a fire within(Repeat)
Forests turn to ash in the heart of the cradle
the child had burned it all away,he thinks it's funny!
Then we find out the child
was really a man with a flame thrower in his hand,
Now thats not funny!
Ch>CH>I can see the world
and the shape that it's in
when the burning begin's
there's a fire within(Repeat
BR>Here we all are as the world becomes the Enemy
are we building our selves in the fire,where was your heart when the forests turned to ash my friend,it's so hard to breath in the fire.FIRE!

Nice Rock,I like the Bass Line, nice guitar solo.

Great guitar riffs on here! When I first heard the chorus I thought it was a buildup to a bigger chorus, so I was kind of expecting it to go somewhere else. Just an initial impression. Sounds really good!

Lyrics Pete Fennell Music Pete Fennell/Greg Clayton
Producer Pete Fennell Publisher Pete Fennell
Performance Pete Fennell/Greg Clayton Label Distorted Folk Productions

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